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About Flowing Combat

Flowing Combat is a System developed for modern self-defense from the internal Kung-Fu arts of BaguaZhang (eight Triagram palms), Xingyquan (heart, mind fist), and Taijiquan (great polarity fist), normally known as Tai Chi, as it was popularized as a health practice and moving meditation.

Mixed in with Kung-Fu is Military unarmed combat, as taught to Federal and local law enforcement, and Special Operators across various services. Mr. Romel was formerly contracted by the Air Force to teach the foregoing, including sexual assault prevention, weapons disarming, use, and retention.

Flowing Combat does not adhere purely to tradition, but employes modern biomechanical understanding of the body, physics, and neurophysiology.

The movements are fluid and explosive. One should learn to intercept the attack, re-attack, and steal the opponents balance at the same time, keeping them off balance, and getting out of harms way.

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Note: Drawn from multiple ancient sources--Flowing Combat has been around for 17 years. Thus, many of the pictures and video on this site are older and Mr. Romel is now older than depicted.



About Gary Romel

Trained by world class instructors in the Kung-Fu arts of BaguaZhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, and Military Armed / Unarmed Combat.

Mr. Romel has synthesized the Kung-fu arts for modern day Self-Defense training, including: Adrenal Stress Training, Flowing Motion Drills, Tactile Sensitivity two person drills, weapons defense--use, and retention.

Mr. Romel served with distinction flying on AWACS --a Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Recognizance Aircraft. Gary was a 9-11 first responder, and flew in both the Iraq and Afganistan Campaigns.