“I have been friends with Gary Romel for the past four years. I have grown to respect and admire his ability to teach and demonstrate the many martial arts skills he has mastered. Not only do his teachings add valuable insight to anyone’s current martial arts capability, he adds a certain charisma and confidence never seen before in other “every day” teachers. I am just an early beginner in my thirst for the skills of martial arts. I find myself to be extremely honored to have Gary Romel as my best friend and one of the greatest teachers, in any realm, I have ever known.”

Staff Sergeant David Bace-USAF

“The modern emphasis upon mixed martial arts systems has produced a new breed of young and upcoming martial combatants. Gary Romel belongs to this new genre of teacher and practitioner. Hitting, locking, throwing, and blinding speed. Gary’s got it all. His system of Flowing Combat combines the best of China’s three internal arts. Stay tuned to Flowing Combat …. There’s a lot more to come!”

Marcus Brinkman, OMD
Baguazhang instructor-www.gaostylebagua.com

“I been a friend of Mr. Romel for quite a while and can attest to the speed, fluidity, and power of this dynamic fighting technique. As a U.S. Federal Agent, I’ve learned a lot of different fighting styles and techniques namely, pressure points and submissions, however, when Mr. Romel provided me a demonstration, I realized that flowing combat could offer me increased safety should I need it out on the job. “

Special Agent Berry

“I have been involved as a student of T’AI CHI CHUAN including YANG STYLE SWORD, LIUHEBAFA CHUAN, HSING-I and BAGUA for the past dozen years, learning the slow movements for their health and flexibility benefits. I knew each movement was rooted in a martial application but needed help in applying the concepts to real world situations. I tried one of Gary’s classes and quickly realized he was exactly what I was searching

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for. My surprise was how gifted he was at such a young age- he truly is a Martial Arts Phenomena. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivating, and a patient, skillful instructor. He guides you beyond where the practice forms leave off, into two person applications of the Internal Martial Arts. I highly recommend him to the serious student.”

N D Ciffone, OKC.

“From Chris McKinley As originally seen on KungFu Online
Hi all, just chiming in. As some of you may know, in addition to teaching my own classes etc., I assist Gary in teaching his Taiji Boxing class at Tinker AFB. There have been quite a few criticisms of various kinds regarding Gary and his choice of statement on his website. He can and has answered those himself. This post is really in reference to one of the statements by honeysmacks.

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RE: “You simply aren’t a fighter.”. I can certainly understand your skepticism. Depending on how you are defining that term, I could partially agree or completely disagree. If you mean that Gary doesn’t maintain the type of fairly heavily muscled physique that is common to NHB fighters, I would have to agree. Gary himself would admit that if he were interested in that arena, he would have to include that type of conditioning training. If you mean that Gary cannot successfully apply the fighting techniques of his art to defend himself, then I would disagree entirely.
Over time, Gary probably could benefit from packing on some solid muscle mass…it would only make his already significant striking abilities even more powerful. But in my 26 years in the martial arts, I’ve rarely encountered individuals who so completely optimized their attributes the way Gary has. Pound for pound, he punches with more power than literally any person I’ve ever known. The man is one of the fastest (if not “the”) martial artists I’ve ever seen in person. He is also wickedly accurate, in a way that even most of the celebrity martial artists I’ve met would have a hard time competing with. No, he’s not as powerful as he ultimately could be by adding some size, but he CAN definitely pull it off. No doubt about it.
In balance, you do make some valid points in your post in other areas and you do show some mature perspective in your last paragraph. That kind of attitude is something I wish wasn’t so rare these days. Really though, I just wanted to vouch from personal experience that Gary very definitely can apply what he knows successfully, all references to “cheesy” mysticism aside.”

Chris McKinley-Baguazhang and Kali instructor

“I have been a student of Gary ‘s since March of this year. I have learned a lot from him. Since I was about 8 years old I have wanted to study the martial Arts but my dad would not let me because he had seen a lot of kids ( 10 or so) that were going around with black belts and he felt that I would be wasting my time. As I got older and on my own I could see what my dad was talking about just about all the schools I checked out had trophies after trophies that their had won and then you look at the fees, you have the monthly fees

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(OK) then the testing fees then you see that hey there are 15 belts to black at $35 to $50 for each test. I saw that they were in it for the money and couldn’t care less whether I learnt to defend my self or not.
When I first talked to Gary about the class I felt I had found a school of martial arts that had the same goals I had (to learn to defend my self and my family). Then as I learn more and more I can see that this is a very very effective style, but I also see that Gary does not only teach you how to defend you self with some nasty and dirty fighting. Gary teaches you not to let yourself get put into a position to have to use your skills.
Another thing I like about Gary is he is not hung on titles. He is simply Gary, not master, there is no bowing or any thing of the sort. He treats you like you are his friend and not just some poor sap with money to give him. ”

Gary Sands

“I studied Shorin-ryu (more specifically Matsubayashi-ryu) for five years from a reputable school before moving to Oklahoma. I searched for a school here and nearly gave up before meeting Gary Romel. I set up a private session with Gary to test whether I could learn from him. I didn’t really expect much from this audacious young lad, and after the session was still not convinced he was the real deal because the effortless “rag-doll” movements surely would not work in a real altercation. So I “innocently” tested his abilities

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by sparring up against him. I went slow at first and then intensified my efforts. He effortlessly counter attacked not realizing I was doing my best to get in a shot. I was a bit mystified how he was able to do this so I began taking private lessons from him and now attend his school.
Since then, I’ve researched and trained to learn a great deal about the internal arts…which is to say I’m a beginner but the learning curve is steep. I may not be qualified to say this based on my limited experience, but it’s my belief that Gary is one of the greatest martial artists out there–a true natural. I attended Master Erle Montaigue’s NJ seminar earlier this year with Gary and other astute martial artists. As I watched I noticed Gary learned if not mastered the techniques almost instantaneously. While practicing with Gary and others it was “painfully” obvious Gary has mastered the ability to efficiently use his body. I was amazed at the attending talent but only Erle impressed me more for speed and potency. As good as Gary is, he admits he is just a beginner in the internal arts.”

Submitted by Major DeWayne Nikkila- USAF

“I started studying Tae Kwon Do when I was 18 years old in the Bill Cagle Schools. We used the Jun Rhee Korean Forms, but incorporated western style hand techniques (I also trained with boxers before and during this time). My instructors where excellent, and I felt as though I had Developed a high degree of proficiency. I study Go Ju and Aikido, but was not as confident in the instructors and in what was being taught. I came back to TKD in my early thirties studying form a world champion full contact fighter. But because of disc

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degeneration and arthritis I gave up all martial arts. About four years ago, a story in the Tinker Takeoff about a Tai Chi style that incorporated Dim Mak piqued my curiosity. I had always heard that Tai Chi was easy on the joints. A friend went to Gary’s class to check it out. He told me about this young kid who moved like lightning. I didn’t believe him so I attended the next class. When Gary introduced himself, he was still in his flight coveralls and boots. He explained some of the philosophy of the art. I told him about my Martial Arts background, and that though I didn’t train in formal classes anymore I still shadowboxed. He asked me to show him some “stuff.” I attempted the basic jab-cross-hook. Before I could react, Gary was on me in a blur. (I thought I still had quick hands.) He broke down everything he did, and then proceeded to do it again. Same results. After that class, I told my friend that in my opinion this was infinitely better than anything I had studied in the past.
Since Tai Chi is an internal art, the learning curve is higher, but once that plateau is reached so are the rewards. As an instructor, Gary is the most competent and knowledgeable of all the instructors I have had in the past regardless of style. This past year he has introduced Ba Gua and Hsing Yi movements into the class. Our techniques are becoming more precise and more efficient. Another unique quality about the class (perhaps the best) is that for every technique we learn Gary demonstrates several “real world” applications. And these work! There’s no “Hollywood” in them (though some are amazing in their simplicity). Gary is cocky, but not arrogant which makes his classes fun. I highly recommend his instruction either in the the class, by video, or in private. I especially recommend it for people who want a self-defense system, but who like me are limited in their movements.”

Martinez Joseph J Civ OC-ALC/MASWM

“I had taken 2-1/2 years of Taekwondo before being introduced to the internal martial arts and was at first a little skeptical but open minded and impressed enough to check it out attending half time for about 3 months, after which I was able to see the validity and advantages of the internal art and determined it was well worth spending the time and effort to learn because it prepares one to survive in the real world of street fighting with simple but effective techniques which if learned over time would return any effort put into

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them many times over. I have trained under Gary for the last 4 years mainly in the Art of Tai Chi Chuan and have observed his mastery and knowledge of this and similar styles to be that of expert caliper in the detail of instruction and in the ability to perform, as well as teach, and correctly exhibit the knowledge of the applications. In the last 2 years I have seen Gary add to and improve his ability after taking Liuhebafa and has incorporated the discipline of the 9-joint walk into all areas of the techniques and has passed that on to his students. We as students have had the good fortune of taking his class and have been introduced to the martial techniques of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Tai Chi Chuan. As such our experience has been blessed with knowledge that would have taken many years of training elsewhere. One would be blessed to obtain half of the skill, knowledge, and ability to apply to the applications and “Destroy” ones opponent that he possess, teaches, and is able to display as well as apply. There fore if you are interested in learning to destroy your opponent quickly and decisively “jump in with both feet” the rewards are as deep as they are many, and well worth the effort.”

Thomas Meadows “LEAD” EDMO
3001 Staff Dr.-Suite 1AB83A
Tinker AFB, OK 7314

“Excellent instructor! Awesome martial art style! I have been in the military for over 18 years and have traveled the world. I have searched for a style that works in real combat situations. Never have I seen a system as effective as this. Within eight weeks of study under Gary and Chris, I have learned more about actual “real world” self defense than all of my years of other styles. This “dynamic duo” is a wealth of information and motivation. If you have seen my picture on this web site, you know that I am a big man.

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I stand six feet tall and weigh 240 pounds. I bench press 450 pounds, have 19 1/2 inch arms, and am very fast for my size. Gary is 100 pounds lighter than me. Yet he can instantaneously stop my attack and send me flying across the room. If he can stop me, he can stop almost anyone! I encourage everybody that wants to learn real world self defense to contact Gary. This is the real deal! At last, my search is over.
PS: I have a five-year-old Son. As with any parent, I want what is best for him. My wife and I are teaching him how to live and thrive in today and tomorrow’s society. When he gets old enough, I will be able to pass on one of the most valuable skills that he will ever learn…survival! All of the education, values, and spiritual lessons will be lost if he can’t survive a hostile attack. Hopefully it will never happen. But, if it ever comes, he will have a warrior’s skill and be equipped to deal with it.
I want to thank Gary in advance for the chance to pass this gift on to my Son. ”

Eddie Mcgee-personal best fitness training