I’ve compiled a list of FAQ about Flowing Combat to help serve you better.

Q1: Where did the Founder learn this material?

A1: Gary is a certified instructor in the World Taiji Boxing Association under the late Erle Montaigue, a world famous Master of Taijiquan and Baguzhang, and author of “The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak”. Gary also learned Gao Style Bagua quite extensively with Marcus Brinkman, who is the Senior disciple of the famous Master Luo De-Xiu, in Taipei. Marcus also trained for several years with Xingyi and Bagua Master Hong Yi Xiang. Gary visited Tai Pei briefly, to meet Luo. Gary has had other teachers, for a more detailed list, just e-mail or call before your first lesson / order if you like.

Q2: Have you applied this material on the street yourself?

A2: Yes, unfortunately I have had to use my material on multiple occasions– Several times with multiple attackers, a few times with various weapons. I also bounced at a night club for a brief time.

Q3: Have any of your students applied this material successfully?

A3: Yes, students from all walks of life have used this material. I have taught bouncers, police officers, federal agents, Military personnel via contract (both at home and in war zones), women, and other regular civilians. Countless of them have utilized Flowing Combat / Internal Martial Arts methods to get home safely.

Q4: Do you have contracts?

A4: No. It is pay-as-you-go, on a month-to-month basis.

Q5: Do you require uniforms?

A5: Not at all. Students often wear martial arts pants, or sweat pants, and a T-shirt. But students are free to wear what is comfortable and convenient for them. Rank is not to be worn however in class by anyone, including the instructor.

Q6: Your home page lists “Dim-mak” on the top, what is this? Do you believe in Qi nonsense?

Dim-mak means roughly “death touch” or in another version–“cavity press”, i.e. pressure point striking. Mr. Romel does NOT subscribe to the literal “dim-mak” and traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) concepts of “Qi” flowing through 12 main and 2 extra “meridians”. Flowing Combat does however utilize various methods to attack to more vulnerable parts of the body, targets that are easily explainable via Western medicine. (aka evidence based medicine). “Dim-Mak” is there in part because it convey’s the rough premise of the included methods, and also as a tribute to the late Master Erle Montaigue, as his work inspired Gary to get into the internal arts very early on.