The Complete System: Volume 1-Key Principles and Methods


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The Complete System: Volume 1-Key Principles and Methods

On this DVD you will learn.

1. Fighting Guidlines that apply to everyone regardless of style and experience.
2. Principles of optimum biomechanics, movement, and universal structural principles that apply to every person regardless of fighting style or experience level.

3. Kinetic linking techniques to optimize power output.

4. Push hands basics, two person drill to help structure, reaction, and fighting sensitivity.

5. Learn how to open an attackers guard and strike to a devastating target.

6. How to close an attackers guard and likley K.O. them.

7. Learn how to almost simultaneously block two punches and re-attack dynamically to K.O an attacker.

8. Learn essential fighting tools in a two-person drill, which aids in realistic and reaction training.

9. Learn basic methods against an attacker that grabs your wrist, shirt, or uses a knife.

10. Basic “Qi-gong” method is taught which provides progressive resistance training for the legs, improves structure, alignment, and serves as a standing mediation with many other health benefits.

Video runs about 1 hour and 15 minutes, there is enough material to keep someone training for around 6 months depending on person / experience.

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